I love Adele’s music. Her voice is absolutely amazing– seriously amazing, and her attitude kicks ass — serious ass. She’s not your Lady Gaga, thank goodness. No offense, Gaga. Adele, has a voice that is more than a gift, like on a plane above human. She doesn’t need to parade around with a perfect body or shock folks with the perverse, because when she opens her mouth and releases that kind of music into the universe, nobody cares.

Okay, that’s not true. The regular low-class, trolls seem to make something of the way she looks. To me, she’s gorgeous. I, of the “hate my chubs” club couldn’t care less that she’s not swimsuit model material. That makes her better. Real. When asked recently in a Rolling Stone interview about the folks that talk about her weight, she said, “I make music for the ears, not the eyes.” You’re so much more than that, Adele. You’re music to the soul.