Recently, I found this video and I can’t get it out of my head. My weight problem bothers me constantly. I’m obsessed by it. Part of it is that I know I’m being judged by people who merely glance my way. My friends say that they don’t see me like that, but they do. Maybe they don’t care, but they see it. I know. I see it. That’s the first thing I notice about a person. How can you not when your eyes are the first impression you have? Whether we want to or not, we draw conclusions. I’m the worst. My self talk is not nice. I like me, don’t get me wrong. I think I’m a pretty neat person. I’m proud of who I am, but I hate being fat! In theory, it shouldn’t matter, but it does.

But what if we’ve got fat wrong? What if it’s a symptom not a cause? Watch this video by an amazing doctor who might just bring you to tears. He’s got guts and smarts. Looking forward to the results of his research!