Pull a Plow!!! Or a sled!!! My future self?


Second workout done! (Virtual high-five, thanks!)

So, dead lifts are fun? Will I be kicked out of the cult if I say, “No, they’re not fun, they piss me off?” It’s not the actual dead lift, really, it’s that I’m a wee bit competitive. I don’t like being the weenie. In fact, I don’t have to be first to be okay, but I hate being last. Admittedly, I was watching the bad-ass mommas lifting like bosses and I was doing 95. I wasn’t the lowest lifter, but oh my Ghandi, I have muscle envy! My ex-husband used to say about me, “She can pull a plow” and actually mean it in a good way. Because he’s nice, and we’re still friends, he would still throw it out there for my benefit, but we both know, my plow pulling days have left me… but dammit, not for long.

Here’s to women who can “pull a plow!” I’m coming for ya!