Holy cow! I’m IN! First workout is under my belt. VERY cool people, and really great trainer who took it easy on me. I still did the work out, but because it was my first one and I have a tournament this weekend, she didn’t have me do heavy weight or all the extra reps on the double jump rope thingies. Though being stubborn I did do extra because I don’t want to ever be a weenie. I now know Annie’s Evil Twin. I’m soaked, and exhausted and I’m not sure my arms work (even my fingers) and I’m happy. Oh, but now I have a goal.

I wanna be bad ass. One woman  in my class was dead-lifting around 220. Her story is so similar to mine. She was also a competitive gymnast, so she has my build and started weight wise about 8 pounds smaller than I am. She’s bad ass. She’s not perfect, but she inspired me. I’m not going for perfect. She’s been doing it less than a year, is strong and 30 pounds lighter. That means she’s lost at least 40 pounds because she gained 10 pounds of muscle her first month. Muscle is good. I love muscle. I love to be strong! My husband doesn’t like skinny girls anyway. He likes muscular legs and a nice butt. I’m working on it honey!!!

Now to start the Zone/block eating plan. I’ve got 3 full months before the wedding in Ireland. Remember the “fat American” thing? I don’t want to be that anymore. It is a horrible stereotype to actually fit. I mean, my husband’s family fits the Irish, (friendly, fun, drink a lot, amazing accent) stereotype, however, that’s different!

I kinda get it people. Pass that Kool-Aid, I’m in.