So, we killed it at our Elements class. I know you’re jealous. Admittedly there’s not much to kill at elements. We did a surprising number of deep squats, though unweighted, I obviously brought my own weight.

Today, I hate the down stairs. I’m so laughing at myself because we didn’t even do a workout and my quads are screaming.

Today we worked on deadlift technique, the different presses and a medicine ball clean snatch something or other. I realize that doesn’t sound right on many levels, but is that what it’s called?

Enjoyed seeing some real people coming into class as we were leaving. They seemed friendly. Some of them even looked our age. We made a good choice and Matt is patient, friendly and puts up with me. He took a before picture with my phone for us. We’re not gonna post it until we have an after!

L is so cute. I think she’s going to go home and practice her moves. I, however, am gonna just go with it. Ice bath perhaps? <grin> This is actually kinda fun so far.