Newton was a smart cookie (sweet pun!). His law of motion, sometimes called the Law of Inertia states, in very simple terms, that “a body at rest, tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. A body in motion tends to stay in motion…”

I admit, it took some effort. One hour before my appointment, I was telling my husband how tired I was and that I really didn’t want to go. Some people might call it whining, but I say I was living Newton’s law. It’s natural, right? And my phone buzzed and this popped up from L.

Timely Reminder

I immediately checked my phone to make sure I hadn’t accidentally butt dialed her because she was obviously  listening to me. Weird.

Inertia has been initiated on this body. I’m not saying that I was at rest because I play tennis, Gaelic football and make a sprint to the fridge on occasion, but today was the day that L and I got the proverbial ball rolling. Today we began our first CrossFit Elements class and wrote the check to prove it. Literally, we actually paid money for the coaching.

I’ve made a goal to be able to do a pull up, not just a kip pull up,  by June 19th of 2014. Did you hear that Universe?