Brain Juice
Brain Juice

Last I posted, L and I were all ready to dive right in and join the sock cult that is Crossfit. <grin> There was just something that I couldn’t explain that kept me on the fence and kept the urgency I’d been feeling at bay. The day we went to the gym to sign up, we found it closed. It was between class times, so we did what any friends desperate to get in shape and lose weight would do; we headed to our favorite Mexican place  for margaritas, chips and salsa and salad (for good measure). Here, we really dissected our choices.

I finally figured out, well, (you know pomegranate margaritas are brain juice), that what was hanging me up about that particular box, was that I felt like an alien, a ginormous, ancient and hairy (well maybe not the hairy part) alien. The vibe, the age factor was all bugging me for some reason. They were nice enough, but seeing the “gym party” pictures online where they’d rented a party barge, drank copious amounts of alcohol and lounged in bikinis just kinda blew it for me. Not that I have anything against any of those activities, but those are the things I liked to do 20 years ago. I’ve been there, done that and well, I’ve moved on to more grown up pursuits, like drinking margaritas at 2 pm to make important decisions about my fitness box choice. So there we sat. I, completely convinced that the closed box was an omen, and searched the internet for other Crossfit choices. We found one pretty close that featured lots of folks that looked to be about our age. They even had success stories. L turned the iPad around and pointed, “Hey, she looks about like us!” Her after picture, however, was impressive. You go girl! I’ll drink to that.

We slurped our margs and called and made an appointment for later that day. Luckily for us, we decided to NOT sit and drink until then, though we pondered it for awhile.

The new gym made me feel way more at ease. L is setting up our Elements Classes (3 in total, where the other box gave you an hour and threw you into the fire). We’ll start this week. New box, new socks!! Woohoo!