Ever seen a picture of yourself and feel completely crushed? Reality sucks.

I’ve lost almost 5 pounds doing My Fit Foods. I’m exercising my ass off and know that I look chunky doing it. In addition to my 3 tennis teams, I recently joined a women’s Gaelic Football team. It’s an awesome Irish sport like rugby/soccer/Aussie Rules mixed up. I’m by far the oldest woman, and by far the fattest. One of the cute young things posted photos her boyfriend took at our last practice and tagged me. Um… who is that fat old thing? I’m so devastated.

Horrified. Disgusted and embarrassed for me, AND my husband. He totally denies that I’m embarrassing and says that I kick ass at my sports.

I don’t even want to go out to practice anymore if that’s really what I look like. Really, really really. Crushed.