I came up with several titles for this blog.
“Misery Loves Company” or “My Friends are Phat” or “Lean (pun there) On Me.”
But in the end, I brought back that freaking monkey. Mostly because well, it’s still here. ALL of it. All 50 @#$%^& pounds of it. And it’s a reminder of why I’m writing this in the first place; to lose it.
But I’m not doing this alone. Oh no. My friends have monkeys too… admittedly some have puny little spider monkeys and my huge gorilla could squish them like a …, but we’ve decided to go this thing together. BYOM. No heckling, no jeering, no laughing, just cheering!
My dear friend, Dr. Martha Pyron of Medicine in Motion invited me to join her on www.MyFitnessPal.com. We’re “friends”, I mean we are really friends, but now we’re “friends” (in quotation marks too). It’s a bit like Facebook. When she enters exercise into her diary, I see that she “burned 143 calories doing 10 minutes of rigorous hokey pokey dancing” or whatever her activity was. Usually she’s lifting weights or swimming, but I like the visual of “rigorous hokey pokey” so go with me Doc. I can also tell my friends, “what’s on my mind”… as if I couldn’t already. A lack of words, I do not have.
Today is day 2 of my quest with Doc P and I’ve already had another friend join and befriend me. I feel loved, Gorilla Monkey and all. I also feel motivated to do good things to feed that feed instead of my face! It’s working. Would you believe that the for the second day in a row, MyFitnessPal has told me to eat more??? It says something to the effect of, “You have not eaten enough calories to lose weight.” What? That’s a whole other post. But so far, when my “Pal” tells me to eat more, it’s just a matter of time before we’re BFFs. That’s my kinda friend.
If you want to be my friend, look for me, ’50poundmonkey’ on www.MyFitnessPal.com. Mention the monkey and we can be “friends.” BYOM!
get off my back!