Wha? I’ve been writing my guts out about my 50#s. I’ve even called it a writing “exercise” for cripes sake! But somehow it’s not working. Well, I think it’s not working. I’m getting ready to get ready to… sigh. I’m scared to death to get on the scale, but I promise that I will do so tomorrow to see what happened last week. I mean, well, nothing changed except that I started writing about this journey that I’m starting…. tomorrow. What’s funny is, it’s sort of like running a big race with thousands of other people and you’re so far back down in the crowd of runners that you feel like you’ve done a 5k by the time you hit the start line. So, I’m seriously getting serious.

As we already know, I’m very visual. I saw a cool idea on Pinterest about having a jar where you put 50 (or number of pounds you want to lose) of something beautiful in a jar. As you lose weight, you move the “pounds” from onejar to the other. It’s a really neat visual! So, ta daaaa!

Something beautiful in a Jar. And as I lose the pounds, I eat a truffle! Yay! Win. Win. I don’t need a second vase or anything. Genius!

Yes, I’m a genius, but not stupid. Those truffles wouldn’t last a day. So here’s the real deal and luckily for me I don’t usually enjoy sea glass for snacks! But, it’s early on.

Each piece of sea glass counts as 1/2 pound. I hope to post photos of a that empty jar with a piece or two soon!